Revier the Automation Platform

Platform to cater for all automation needs within an industry dedicated to efficiency and reliability. 1.1        Business process modeling (BPM) Revier has one of the most progressive BPM built in the core engine of the platform to ensure that most if not all business requirements are met. The flexibility of the BPM is so unique

Gateway modeling

New to the concept? The development world is moving towards a more microservices architecture to help with server access and usage management which makes sense if you look at it at a more efficiency point of view. In the world of all these exposed microservices, you still need some sort of platform to bring all

Revier The no code Lego blocks of business processes Revier understands organizations has spent millions on features inside their current system and rewriting the features to accommodate the change of the business is a headache. Revier integrates all your features in actions and sets up a platform where your features can be mapped and changed

The farce of the monolithic behemoth

Monolithic large, powerful, difficult to work with, and resistant to change. We all sit with this term in the company and the past – the monolithic past is coming to haunt us. So we all fear the big rewrite in the sky. You probably spent millions on your current monolithic system. The ins-and-outs of business,