The no code Lego blocks of business processes

Revier understands organizations has spent millions on features inside their current system and rewriting the features to accommodate the change of the business is a headache. Revier integrates all your features in actions and sets up a platform where your features can be mapped and changed along your business

Revier the channel master

Releasing a channel is usually such a big decision because of all the overhead that goes along with development and deployment of it. Revier can change flows based on the incoming channel (Web, mobile, WhatsApp) and give you the peace of mind that all process and business rules will be ensured over all channels. If your process is designed the right way; any channel can interface with it and the deployment of the channel will be as easy as falling out of bed.

Revier for a competitive edge

Through Revier you can keep your competitive edge with our no code integration and modeling interface.

Customer journey tracking

Through our reports you can see where your customers are dropping off or getting stuck allowing you to change the journey through process modeling within moments and eliminate any bottlenecks.

Recycle interface

To ensure the freshness of the look and feel associated with the system to your organization the lightweight interface will allow you to redesign on a moment notice without massive overhead.

Business alignment with Revier

Revier gives you the flexibility to wrap the system around your business and its rules and not the other way around.

Compliance made easy

We understand that the market is changing every day and com-pliancy needs to change with it to eliminate fraud and this is usually very unpleasant journey for organizations to become compliant. With Revier your com-pliancy can be re-integrated and changed through our no code graphical user interface.

Streamline processes through Revier

With the graphical user interface at your fingertips you can easily change and test process to give you the utmost power over what and when happens in your organization.

Save time and money through automation

Setting up an automation process that was done through human intervention can free up the resource to focus on more fruitful day to day operation.

Operation more efficient through Revier

Having all you process in Revier will ensure all processes will be executed at record time every time in the order it needs to be, eliminating the need to review and audit all the time.

Reducing operational waste

Through the mapping of the process one could easily identify unnecessary activities and eliminate it to ensure efficiency.

Empower management through Revier

Not everyone in a business is technology savvy and through simple process modeling, complicated processes can be overviewed through the graphical user interface and can be changed by management without having to understand the mechanics behind it in detail.