New to the concept?

The development world is moving towards a more microservices architecture to help with server access and usage management which makes sense if you look at it at a more efficiency point of view. In the world of all these exposed microservices, you still need some sort of platform to bring all of these services together and make it usable by your application. A lot of platforms out there have an API gateway where you can bring all these services together and manipulate the result with some sort of scripting language like Python. We have taken the concept to the next level and taken our business process model (Revier) and combined it with an API gateway and through our KeyVariable technology, you can manage your own result format with no-code methodology.

Key variable

A key variable is a concept we at C-Faktor came up with to manage your session data in your process model. Throughout the model, you may request a key and if this key is bonded to a variable it can be assigned to do some sort of function like an action call and this key can be populated with the result of the action and the result can be modified with either an XML/JSON selector or Python script so setting up your variables in the beginningĀ of your project will ensure that whenever you call a key that the key will have the desired result without a drop of code.

BPM and API Gateway? Why?

Well, as we all know that a BPM is there to visualize your business rules and change them as necessary in a no-code environment. Now with this, you can call a process flow to call your services and based on the outcome of your of the action you can call other actions and populate keys with data; and on the end manipulate all the data and return it in a format your application needs.

Let’s take the banking industry where they need to do a credit check on a person. So, we can do a call to a credit bureau and the result can be checked and if the score is on an acceptable level you can take that result and send it to a credit scoring AI. That result can also be checked and if that is at an acceptable level it can go into a Fraud AI model and that result can be checked. Finally, all the results can be built into a unique result set and returned to your application.


Yes, we are in the business to solve tech and to make the whole process of developing custom software and services as painless as possible. With a no-code platform like Revier we have achieved a new way of thinking of solving a problem by providing most of the solution beforehand that leaves you to focus on more pressing matters of the solution and roll out the finished product at a quicker and more reliable pace.