Platform to cater for all automation needs within an industry dedicated to efficiency and reliability.

1.1        Business process modeling (BPM)

Revier has one of the most progressive BPM built in the core engine of the platform to ensure that most if not all business requirements are met. The flexibility of the BPM is so unique that the platform is not only catered for Business analysts but for developers as well. The industry on BPM has been stagnating and integrations are long and complicated; Revier has taken the complicated part and turned it into a streamlined process that speeds up the whole concept of new integrations.

1.2        Form fields management

Revier boasts a form field management system where based on the input of the form the process can be redirected to other forms for additional input. Customer journeys can be visually managed and changed as the industry changes and business rules can be visually adjusted to ensure that whatever journey your system sends the customer that it is an efficient and up to standard one. The banking industry has a new challenge ahead of them and this is onboarding customers digitally which creates a big compliance challenge. With a form field management system as progressive as Revier the compliance rules can be easily added and maintained to ensure that all regulatory needs have been met.

1.3        Channels

Revier’s BPM can be integrated into multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, USSD and many more. Revier can provide a menu-based chat to create those additional layers of engagement and also be integrated into an AI-based bot to help search for intent if the response from that client does not meet the requirements of the menu that has been presented.

1.4        API Gateway

API Gateways are a common aspect and it provides a valuable service in exposing multiple sources of services to one endpoint. Revier’s progressive nature has created a unique way of mixing services and models to give you the result you need based on your business requirements. A plain service call can be exposed as is but a unique way of manipulating data from multiple sources and building the result set for your application has been engineered to help cater for most if not all API gateway modeling scenarios.

1.5        Data manipulation

The power of a platform is how the platform can receive data and how it manipulates and return the data. Systems out there are using static data format methods to ensure that the system understands the data but with Revier your data format is 100% dynamic and through expression query languages the data can be sent into a python script to help understand and form the data into a format your application need.

1.6        Error management

To err is human so Revier monitors every aspect of the platform and informs the owner if the setup is done wrong whether it is a logical fault in the BPM or an integration that returns a bad response even a data manipulation fault. If the platform is not delivering your data, there is a reason and you will be notified by mail and platform alert.