Here at C-Faktor we know Fintech and what it takes to create a Fintech system.

Process Modeling

Process modeling is the where we map out all your processes and features and we disassemble all of it and reassemble it in a process modeling system like Revier ( so we can define a model according to what is your business standards and current market trends.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a critical part to Fintech for it helps with assuring the clients and transactions that get asserted into your system are not fraudulent and of a certain quality that is aligned with your business model. We will design and build AI for you to be aligned with your data and your business model.


When modeling out your processes in a system like Rivier one can go and publish any channel (Whatsapp, Android, Apple, Web…) and create more opportunities for your clients to use the services you provide. We stay up to date on the latest channels trends and market-related shifts to accommodate all your channel needs and by modeling out in processes we can deploy on a moment’s notice.

Kyc ( Know your customer )

Kyc is a very important part of Fintech for it helps the AI system to verify fraudulent clients based on the parameters returned by Kyc systems. A kyc system will not help you on its one to verify the validity of a customer thus you need AI or human intervention to review the data and approve the customer into the system.

Customer Service

We here at C-Faktor has created a customer service for you to initiate with a service like Revier to help you obtain and manage your customers. Using a customer service like ours will give you the ability to store your customer to the cloud and manage all aspects of the customer in a seamless fashion.